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People travel overseas for a whole host of reasons – to experience a brand new culture; to take a break and enjoy a vacation; to see their family; or even to meet for an important business meeting. Irrespective, however, of whether you’re travelling for business purposes or for pleasure, you need to make sure that you have been properly immunised against diseases, bugs, and viruses. Immunisation can be the best form of protection: numerous illnesses and sicknesses that can be caught overseas are highly preventable.Anyone travelling overseas should first visit a doctor or travel health clinic in order to find out exactly which vaccinations they need to stay safe during their trip. Even if your travel destination is safe and you think your surroundings are clean, always bear in mind that disease outbreaks can and often do happen, due to a variety of risk factors. Travel vaccinations offer great protection against many highly contagious illnesses and diseases.

Here at Melbourne City Medical, we understand the vital importance of travel vaccines: comprehensive immunisation has a vital part to play in ensuring you enjoy your trip as much as possible. As there is no single immunisation schedule or set of vaccines that will cover each and every international traveller, people travelling overseas should meet with a doctor in order to discuss all the various options available to them.

It’s strongly advised to not take travel vaccines lightly: our team of nurses, doctors, and specialists highly suggest you never wait until the last minute in order to visit an experienced medical professional. Take care to meet with them early to properly discuss the specific immunisation needs for your particular trip: you may just need an extended number of doses and additional time after undergoing an immunisation for your body to develop full immunity.

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