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Travel Vaccinations & Medicine Available in Melbourne

Travelling overseas, embarking on new adventures and exploring different destinations is something we all enjoy, but it is important to be protected before departing. Ensuring that you have all of the relevant vaccinations or undertaking a course of preventative medicine is essential to minimise your risks of falling ill to conditions we don’t often contend within Australia.

As there are many to consider, it can be confusing as to which travel vaccinations you will need, which is why it is always best to discuss your plans with your doctors. At Melbourne City Medical Centre, we are a health clinic ready to offer a variety of travel vaccinations, from those that are more common, like yellow fever, to other medicines that are dependent on the location.

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Personalised Consultations with Our Doctors on the Appropriate Course of Medicine

 While it is important to remember that other countries across the world have a variety of different diseases you can become exposed to when travelling there, you will need to receive your vaccinations well before departure to ensure that you have developed the required antibodies to provide adequate protection. How long in advance, however, will depend on the particular course of preventative medicine.

We are a health clinic that offers comprehensive consultations with our doctors to discuss your travel plans and develop a personalised vaccination strategy to gather the medication you will need. During this time, you can also receive a health check and receive advice on how to stay in good physical condition to help you best enjoy your trip.

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Travel medicine can come in a variety of forms, such as tablets and injections, and can provide protection for anything from air sickness to yellow fever as mentioned above. If you are travelling to multiple countries during your time away from Australia, then you may have to receive several courses of medicine to be sufficiently protected. To learn more or to book an appointment with one of our doctors, please contact us at Melbourne City Medical Centre today by calling 03 9639 9600 or book online through Hot Doc.