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Jan 25

Pap Smear Test Given By Female GPs

By having a Pap smear test and undergoing a routine examination every two years, you are essentially offering your body the best chance of preventing cervical cancer: 2010 saw 818 Australian women diagnosed with the disease. As a quick and simple test, the Pap smear is used to check for deviations in the cells of the cervix that may lead to cervical cancer. A sample of cells are taken from the surface of the cervix and smeared onto a glass slide by a doctor or nurse. This slide is then sent over to a laboratory for analysis, with results usually available within one week.

Most Pap smear results are normal, though a small number show changes in the cells of the cervix. These are typically minor infections that are easily treated or usually clear up naturally. A very small number of cases has the abnormality persist: if left untreated, it may develop into cervical cancer. Any changes to the cervix’s cells – when detected early – can be treated.

The Pap smear is currently the optimal test for the prevention of most cases of cervical cancer – however, it’s important to note that no screening test is completely 100 per cent accurate. All women aged between 18 and 70 years should have a Pap smear every two years: they should start having tests taken between 18 and 20 years of age; or one to two years after becoming sexually active.

Every one of our comprehensive Pap Smears are given by expert female doctors and administered by specialist female nurses in order to have our patients feel as comfortable and at ease as possible. In fact, here at Melbourne City Medical Centre, each of our professionally accredited doctors and nurses are focused on serving the needs of all our patients as best they can.