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May 2

How to Improve Your Health & Well-Being This Autumn

Every season has its benefits in offering us solutions to improve our health and wellbeing, and autumn is no different. As the leaves start to change and fall, there’s a lot we can take advantage of to give a health a boost.

Seasonal Fruits & Veggies

Each season has a selection of fruits and vegetables that are at their absolute best at that time of year. In autumn in Australia, we’re blessed with delicious apples, pears, and delightful root vegetables such as sweet potatoes, beetroot or parsnip.

Boost Your Immune System

Autumn is a great time to boost your immune system ahead of the winter season. Eating season vegetables, drinking plenty of water, getting to your GP for a flu shot and ensuring you’re getting all your essential vitamins will set your body up to take on the spreading cold and flu that comes in the cooler months.

Getting Outdoors

Autumn is Melbourne can be the perfect time to get out in the great outdoors. The hot days and nights of summer have passed us and we’re left with perfect weather for a walk, jog or even just enjoying the outdoors. This gets you active, which gets your fit and helps in turn to boost your overall health, metal health and well-being.

Get Your Rest

The hot summer nights are behind us and now you can get some real, sound sleep every night. This will rejuvenate your body, leave you energised throughout the day and improve your moods. So, take advantage of the cooler weather and give yourself permission to relax at home, de-stress and unwind from the day.

Autumn in Melbourne is a wonderful time, with the changes leaves and beautiful weather. Take advantage of it this year to really boost your health and well-being. Contact Melbourne City Medical Centre for a check-up this autumn and to get in for your flu vaccination.