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How To Get Viagra Prescription in Brownsville Texas - Cheap Viagra in Shreveport Louisiana

How To Get Viagra Prescription in Brownsville Texas - Cheap Viagra in Shreveport Louisiana

As we head rapidly towards the colder months and into winter, many people are wondering if and when they should get their flu shot.

Generally speaking, if you have your flu shot, you are much less likely to get the flu. For some people, getting the flu means having a week off work to recover, costing them money they cannot afford to lose and for others it may mean time in hospital. Other people may manage to make it through a winter without getting sick whatsoever. Having the flu shot is an individual choice that depends on the person. If you do decide to get it done though, timing is everything.

In Australia, the flu season is at its peak between August and September. The flu vaccine produces a relatively short lives immune response which occurs 6-12 months after vaccination. How long it provides protection depends entirely on the person. Some studies have shown that the elderly tend to have a shorter immune response than younger, healthier people.

Having your shot too early in the year can reduce its effectiveness as your immune response may begin to decline just as you need it. Having it too late in the year can cause your immunity to peak late in the season, leaving you less protected when you need it the most.

The general recommendation is to have your flu vaccination between April and June as it’s early enough for your immune system to “learn” how to deal with the influenza virus for the peak flu season, but not so late you miss the peak flu season.

Visit one of our GP’s at Melbourne City Medical, conveniently located in Melbourne’s CBD, for your flu shot today. Contact us to make an appointment.

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