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May 2

Four Reasons to Get the Flu Vaccination

With flu season approaching it’s vital that you get your annual Flu Vaccination. Your local GP, such as Melbourne City Medical Centre, can provide you with the flu injection and its quick and relatively pain free. The vaccination is a great solution to avoiding the bigger problem of catching the flu and spreading it across friends, family and colleagues.

The Flu is Serious

The flu is often coupled in with the common cold, however it is far more serious than getting ‘just a cold’. The flu can cause extremely high fevers, excessive fatigue, painful muscle aches and even strong headaches.

The Flu Effects Your Daily Life

If you contract the flu virus then you are most likely going to be out of action for at least a week. Many GPs recommend refraining from work for 7 days once the flu is present and this can have financial ramifications, problems with missing study and even effect your day-to-day activities in your home life.

The Flu is Contagious

If you become infected with the flu then it is not just you that it can effect, it can also affect your friends, your family and the people you work with. Anyone who comes into contact with you who is unimmunised can be at risk of contracting the illness and this can have follow on effects for their work and home life.

It’s Quick & Pain Free

The flu injection will protect you from contracting the flu and the injection itself will not cause you to become ill. Your local GP can administer the vaccination and you’ll be protected against the flu throughout the flu season. That means you protect yourself and others from going through the pain and discomfort of the flu virus.

Where to Get Your Flu Vaccination

At Melbourne City Medical Centre, located in the CBD, one of our helpful doctors or nurses can administer the flu vaccination to protect you and your family. Make an appointment with one of our GPs today to help keep the flu at bay this season.