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Jan 25

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If you’re after some of the best cosmetic beautification procedures available right here in Melbourne, then look no further than our city based, professionally accredited medical clinic. Located in the heart of Melbourne on 68 Lonsdale Street, here at Melbourne City Medical Centre, we are proud to be home to a total number of five, expertly trained general practitioners. In fact, between them all, our GPs possess decades of industry leading medical experience. Thanks to their vast knowledge of cosmetic beautification, our clinic is able to provide a whole host of skin treatments and beauty procedures to help you achieve the look you deserve – and one you had always dreamed about!

We offer an incredibly wide variety of botox and fillers – highly cost effective treatment solutions all professionally administered by our team of specialist medical experts and practitioners. We cannot stress just how important it is to have any form of cosmetic beautification procedure performed by a highly educated and well trained professional: never ever leave your surgery in the hands of just anybody. Not only do you deserve to have the best care – you also deserve to have it at the most affordable and competitive of prices. No job is too big or too small for our team of GPs, and your needs – and the needs of all our patients – are always our number one priority. Comprehensive customer care is one of the most important parts of any successful surgery, which is why we take great pride in looking after your needs as best we can. Be sure to contact us today to find out just how our clinic can help you boost your confidence while simultaneously working to significantly improve your quality of life. Our varied list of available botox and fillers are efficient and effective cosmetic solutions.

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