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Jul 3

Why it’s Important to Get Your Flu Vaccination before Winter Hits

Flu Vaccination Melbourne CBD As we head rapidly towards the colder months and into winter, many people are wondering if and when they should get their flu shot. Generally speaking, if you have your flu shot, you are much less likely to get the flu. For some people, getting the flu means having a week […]

Jul 3

The 4 Most Important Vaccinations You Must Receive When Travelling to Countries within Asia

Learn More AboutImportant Vaccinations Asia is a beautiful continent, full of oriental history and cultural experiences however, before you travel, it’s important to ensure you are up to date with the appropriate vaccinations. Visit your GP at Melbourne City Medical to get protected. Hepatitis A Hepatitis A, also known as Hep A or HAV is […]

Jan 25

Travel Vaccines: Protect Yourself When Travelling Overseas

People travel overseas for a whole host of reasons – to experience a brand new culture; to take a break and enjoy a vacation; to see their family; or even to meet for an important business meeting. Irrespective, however, of whether you’re travelling for business purposes or for pleasure, you need to make sure that […]

Jan 25

Pap Smear Test Given By Female GPs

By having a Pap smear test and undergoing a routine examination every two years, you are essentially offering your body the best chance of preventing cervical cancer: 2010 saw 818 Australian women diagnosed with the disease. As a quick and simple test, the Pap smear is used to check for deviations in the cells of […]