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Many holidaymakers travel overseas to various destinations so that they can get to know something of the culture of another country. People also travel for business reasons. If you are planning to go to another country you need to consult us on what vaccinations or travel medicine will be needed. Many other countries have a high risk of disease, so it is essential to get protection some time before you go to ensure that your body has time to produce the right antibodies.

We offer special travel consultations that are longer than our usual appointments. This gives our doctors time to discuss where you are going and to set up the right vaccination course or other travel medication that you will need. They will also give you a health check and advise you on ways to stay healthy so that you can really enjoy your trip – and not risk bringing a disease back with you, since Australia is free of many overseas diseases.

Travel medicine can include tablets to prevent air or sea sickness so that you can enjoy the travelling part as well. Some diseases also require a course of tablets to be taken rather than an injection. If you are going to several different countries you may need more than one type of protection and this will need more than one appointment to achieve. Your doctor will be able to tell you what side effects to expect from the injections, if any. So don’t travel unprotected; call us today.


How Long Do Vaccinations Last?

The information below outlines the usual duration of protection once the vaccination course is complete.  For some vaccines, the duration of protection is uncertain

Vaccine Duration of Protection
Chicken Pox Lifetime
Diphtheria 10 years
Flu (seasonal) 1 year
Flu (swine) 1 year
Hepatitis A Long term (after 2 doses)
Hepatitis B Long term (after 2 doses)
Japanese Encephalitis Not yet established but possibly up to 3 years
Measles, Mumps and Rubella Lifetime
Meningitis 2-3 years
Polio 6 years
Rabies (per-exposure) Long term
Tetanus 10 years
Typhoid 3 years
Yellow Fever 10 years







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